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Rabbi Edward Feld is available for lectures and teaching opportunities.  Rabbi Feld speaks on prayer, the Lev Shalem mahzor, psalms, issues in the Talmud and Hebrew poetry through the ages.


December 4, 2022, A Conversation with Lenny Picker: The Book of Revolutions, 10:00 AM, Forest Hills Jewish Center (go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAVqxEN3gV80dtSctibCXOKiIUOOqtG5NTtuaVRyC9ciRrZQ/viewform)


December 11, 2022 A Conversation with Rabbi Ben Weiner: The Book of Revolutions, 10:30 AM, (in person and zoom)


March 12, 2023, A Conversation with the Hon. Abe Clott: The Book of Revolutions, 5:00 PM, The Society for the Advancement of Judaism, New York City, (in person)


March 15, 2023, A Conversation with Prof. Steven Geller: The Book of Revolutions, 12:00 noon, The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York City, (in person) 

Previous events include:


September 20 2022, 7:30 PM, Virtual Book Event at the Jewish Theological Seminary, A Conversation with Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, Go to JTSA.EDU to find the recorded link.


August 22, 2018, Hebrew Poems of Faith and Doubt, Atlanta Region Rabbinic Association, Atlanta, GA


March 5, 2019, The Making of a Siddur, Beth Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation, Manchester, CT

May 2, 16, 30, 2018, Rabbinic Stories, Congregation B'nai Israel, Northampton, MA

February 10-12, 2017, Temple Beth Am, Los Angeles
Friday night, Feb. 10, The The Yearning of the Soul: Poetry and Prayer
Shabbat morning, Feb. 11, Where Are You God? Questions of the Psalmist
Sunday morning, Feb. 12, What Is Different About a Contemporary Siddur? The
Story of Lev Shalem

April 15, 2016, Yom Iyun Siddur Lev Shalem -- Using the Siddur to Transform Your Shabbat Service, Sponsored by the Rabbinical and Cantors Assemblies and JTS Block/Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts at the Jewish Theological Seminary, 9:00-3:30

June 7, 2016, The Psalms of Dying, Mourning and Healing, The Gamliel Institute, Boston, 7:00-9:30.

September 13, 2016, 7:30 pm Faith and Doubt, Adas Israel, Washington D.C.

September 14, 2016 What's New in Siddur Lev Shalem, Chizuk Amunah, Baltimore MD