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Prayer Books
A completely new translation and commentary of the Shabbat and Festival siddur, with contemporary readings and kavanot throughout.
A traditional High Holiday prayer book with commentary and contemporary readings.
Bible and Theology
Recaptures the power and immediacy of psalms, showing how these poems can speak to us again.
Exploring theological reactions to tragedy and rebirth in Jewish history and today.


A completely new translation of the Shabbat and Festival siddur with commentary and contemporary readings throughout. This siddur represents the coming of age of Conservative Jewish liturgy. Publication November 2015

Joy, Despair and Hope walks the reader through the personal struggle of psalmists with their faith, how they are wracked by doubt and how they come finally to a greater understanding of faith. Readers emerge with a new appreciation of and connection to the profound religious life and artistry of the biblical psalmists.

Modernity has provided more than enough reason to give up believing in holiness, still we have learned that to give up the struggle to achieve it means we have become less than human. We choose not to retreat from the world, but to struggle within it, to stain ourselves with sin even as we seek to establish the good.

A translation in a contemporary voice accompanies the traditional High Holiday text. The inviting layout includes commentary explaining the meaning of prayers and readings which provide aids to finding one's own voice in the prayer book.

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