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A completely new translation and commentary of the Shabbat and Festival siddur, with contemporary readings and kavanot throughout.
A traditional High Holiday prayer book with commentary and contemporary readings.
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Recaptures the power and immediacy of psalms, showing how these poems can speak to us again.
Exploring theological reactions to tragedy and rebirth in Jewish history and today.

Keeping Kosher Today

December 1, 2012

Tags: Kashruth, American Judaism

From "What We Eat: Looking at Kashrut Through a Conservative Lens":

We need an American Jewish approach to our traditional food laws that also takes into account the circumstances of Jews in an open democratic society. We engage with society at large over drinks, at dinner, at parties, in restaurants, and at home. We Conservative Jews need not separate ourselves from life by eating only in establishments under rabbinic supervision. Rather, we can participate in the larger culture while maintaining our distinctive Jewish consciousness. Thus, entering a restaurant and checking which items conform to kashrut what we may order within a broad reading of the law is a way of integrating into society while maintaining our particular religious consciousness.

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